About US

TeaBoss is a registered trademark of Company Name, a unique tea, coffee and millet vending corners which is successfully running. TeaBoss is now providing proprietary mixed Tea and Coffeeflavours in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and across other states in India. Currently, TeaBoss is spreading rapidly.

We also provide total support, promotion, training, maintenance, etc. to all our franchisees through our strategic network of distributors.

Excellent business opportunity with TeaBoss
If anybody is planning to set up their own business, then TeaBoss is the perfect solution for them. Today, the rapid growth of shopping centres, business places, cinema halls, multiplexes, super and hyper markets, hospitals, colleges, and dense traffic locations have resulted in the growth of food / beverage business. In such areas, TeaBoss is the most ideal business to sell Tea, Coffee and Millets with wide range of flavours and get high returns on investment.

One of the unique features with us at Tea Boss is, we have an exclusive team of experts who do the market study and suggests you the best location to start your TeaBoss business. Within a short period TeaBoss has become popular brand. We thank the cooperation and coordination of our most valued customers, distributors, franchisees who wholeheartedly giving their support, valuable suggestions, we achieved this magnanimity. If you are looking for a solid business opportunity and desired for business growth, then join hands with Tea Boss thatserve freshly brewed hot and hygienic tea, coffee and millets at affordable prices at corners near to you.


Tea Boss is aimed to establish ourselves as end-to-end tea, coffee and millet vending service provider across India; committed to offer an innovative range of tea and coffee flavours, total support to comply with quality and hygiene standards; and to exceed expectations of the customers.


At Tea Boss, we are determined to follow the blended service offering framework with utmost emerging technology orientation, research to formulate more tasty and nutritious flavours and provide branding support.
In order to achieve our vision, we adopt the following mission objectives:

  • To offer our distributors and franchisee with an easy-to-operate start tea, coffee and millet vending plans
  • To provide wide range of tea and coffee flavours to address different tastes of consumers
  • To enable our value chain with quality-oriented approach to establish unique processes across all franchisees
  • To provide advanced technical and maintenance support
  • To design all our equipment and branded kiosks in the unique manner
  • To provide only tested and permitted flavors
  • To develop workforce to serve in the most professional manner
  • To ensure each franchisee get instant business through continuous promotion, branding and campaigns


At Tea Boss, we strictly adhere to the following Corporate Values:

  • Health-First approach
  • Dietician certified flavors and varieties
  • Quality in every process
  • Customer-centric outlook
  • End-to-end supportto franchisees
  • Effective monitoring
  • Continuous research on flavors
  • Product uniqueness